About Us

CGMpartners does not work with customers or suppliers, but PARTNERS.

We grow up when our customers grow up. So our targets are our partner's targets.

We need our suppliers to grow up, so they also become our partners.

And this is important to understand, as the consequences of this philosophy are some:

- We are not accepting any job we don't think will be valuable for you

- There is no small or big job. When you need it, it's an important job

- We can give you a quick and specific support, or we can help your staff to improve their skills and knowledge, or to develop new projects/products integrated in your structure

- Our technological partners are a key part of our job. They give us flexibility, expert know-how in very especific fields and confidence on their added value. As far as it is not easy to find such good partners, we take care of them

Let's work together!